The Crew

There’s nothing worst than a long commission with bad shipmates. Luckily for the Lugano, everyone seems to like each other well enough to propel the barky forward rain or shine.

Mark first started the Lugano program when he bought a boat back in the year something. Then he went to Geico and saved a lot of money on his car insurance. Mark calmly and patiently puts up with all the giant clowns below.

Most lovable red-headed sailing the seas. Ging wears many hats onboard Lugano, none of which can tame his hair.

Mike said he was going to write a bunch of funny “shit” to put on this page, but YEARS later nada. So, I’m going to make up some “shit” for Mike. He likes the Jonas Brothers, although recently Justin Bieber has moved closer to his heart, party because Mike is loving the Biebster’s hair. One day he hopes to meet his idols.

I think Vance is wearing a ”Vance” hat in that photo, just so you remember, hey, I’m Vance. No, I’m not Pete or Dan, I’m V-A-N-C-E. He’s into the Facebooking and likes to send mean messages, like, ”Oh I’m eating sushi and YOU’RE NOT!” Vance would like to encourage you to hug him.

Always prepared, Chris will change outfits at least three time per race. He believes in moisturizing, “video for the website” and considers himself a renaissance man. Most days, you can find him having lunch with other ladies who lunch.

When in doubt, remember: Kynan is just being Kynan. If something goes right or wrong or just “goes”, it’s because — Kynan happened.

Representing the ladies, holla!!! Nora keeps it real while keeping it REAL. She’s styling, flying, photographing.

Elliott can be found around the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego wearing feather boas, encouraging the collection of hubcabs come adrift, and telling his female shipmates to befriend strangers so we don’t have to wait for a table. He owns a tent.

Oh, I’ll think of something for Jorge here. He is from Chile.